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Bridge Building

Check out these awesome videos of Gary Johnson working with geometry students at Mica Peak High School. The teacher, Gary’s son Mike, asked him to talk to the class about how geometry is used in architectural design and the creation of buildings and other structures. Then the students designed and built “craft stick” bridges that were over 18” in length.

Gary recruited the help of AW renowned “craft stick” bridge design/builder extraordinaire, Jolleen Severns, to share the challenges, insights, and experiences that have made her successful! Jolleen provided great support and encouragement to the students. And also, a big thanks to Jared Smith, AW Project Manager and workout guru, for sharing his weights with the kids.
Students had one week to design and build their bridges. Then their bridges were tested using the following testing equipment:

  • Severn’s Weight Cradle Support System (SWCSS): This beefy weight support system has been known to cause many bridges to fail without the introduction of any additional weight discs. Designed and manufactured locally, this weight support system was utilized at no cost and with the expressed verbal consent of Jolleen. SWCSS weighs 15 pounds.
  • Smith’s Weight Disc Testing Equipment (SWDTE): The weight disc equipment used for testing the bridges proved once again that eventually weights do rule! These free weight discs were utilized at no cost and with the expressed verbal consent of Jared. SWDTE free weight discs ranged from 5 to 25 pounds.


Bridge Building 1 from Architects West on Vimeo.

Bridge Building 2 from Architects West on Vimeo.

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